Syd - All About Me

9 months ago

The title of Syd’s solo debut evokes silent, slippery creatures moving just beneath dark water, and the Odd Future vet glides through her icy body music in the same way.

Her confident singing and rapping connects languid jams like “Smile More” and twinkling, post-Aaliyah come-ons like “Body”—it’s amazing how she can make you sweat with a single, softly spoken invitation.

Songs like “Know” and “All About Me” suggest Syd as a C-suite executive or a high-powered attorney—someone in total command, who takes the edge off with good weed and better sex.

(When she’s fascinated by a woman who’s just as independent on “Got Her Own,” the results are magnetic.)

She’d seem totally detached if not for “Insecurities,” a track about finding the confidence to leave a relationship that’s dragged her down for too long.

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